Yogis have bad days too

I know I’m stating the obvious, especially to those of you who live in close proximity to us ‘yogis’, but I felt we needed to address the down dog in the room.

There are days when the moon is pulling our strings and others when life happens: your home is in chaos, you’re being pulled in more than one direction, you’re running in the same place and not getting very far, or you’ve decided to take that break away from everything only to find you want to be home with the very people who drive you to madness … Okay maybe that’s just my weirdness.

But you know what I’m saying… Being an urban yogi doesn’t mean you don’t get mad or are totally detached from cravings and aversions… that’s just it… urban yogis are a work in progress…

The difference between us and maybe others who do not have a practice of mindfulness is that we are at least aware of our responses, thoughts and feelings. And that helps, cause we are (hopefully) slower to react, we bounce back sooner, maybe even are the first to apologize (maybe).

On those days when I’ve gotten myself into a knot, I retreat to my mat to work it out, journal and breathe. I light my favorite blend of essential oil with a pick me up Mandarin or Sweet orange, sometimes it’s just Rose and Jasmine to soothe my heart or Pine to release the guilt of saying no and putting myself first.

Its about finding that balance, and if I’ve learnt anything from down dog, it’s about staying strong at the core and taking the weight off your shoulders.

When you live your yoga, it’s life beyond asana.