Three things I did to stop being slave to the dwarfs

  1. Love your body inside out — the image you see in the mirror, the food you nourish it with AND the physical boost you give it. I know it’s easier said than done but … where NLP really helped was to unleash the fitness diva in me, complete with the imagery of me in sexy black leggings and flat abs. I became more mindful of what I ate — not restrictive, just more aware of when I was full. As Rahul and I worked, we installed an anchor where I’d see the word ‘ENOUGH’ on my plate to tell me it was time to push the plate away. Today, I serve myself just enough of ANYTHING, knowing just how small my stomach is. I’m not the kind to eat cucumber slices for breakfast or boiled nuts for snack. If biriyani is on the menu, then I’ll eat just enough. Imagine feeling so free without denying yourself those tasty treats!
  2. Get your beauty sleep and effectively deal with stress — be it financial, work, or relationships. Am able to use the NLP technology to literally change your physiological responses to stress, to the point where you’re unconsciously able to make better decisions. My digestion has improved and I can’t remember the last time I swung from the chandeliers at home (as I was prone to do certain times in the month!)
  3. Have your blood assessed and then get the right nutrients/supplements. My miracle tab has been cod liver oil, which has allowed me to actually have a life everyday of the month! Check with your doctor for recommended dosages.

So, to bring this real-life fairy tale to a close, the once-awkward girl is the healthiest in the land and her Prince Charming is over the moon about not having to share her with the PMS scouts weepy, snappy, bloaty, crampy, itchy, sneezy and still-don’t-know-his-name!

Pic source: Google