My Perimenopausal Journey

I remember going through the motions (again): signing up, getting one’s picture taken, height, weight, and blood pressure… a routine that had become so familiar as I registered at yet another clinic to see the gynac.
It was 7am, and I had come prepared for a long wait – – my hormonal health bible by Dr Sara Gottfried and notes in tow. As the hours crawled by and my patience ebbed, all I could think about was sharing my journal with the doctor, hoping she’d be my miracle cure.

Years of riding the very unpredictable perimenopausal roller-coaster had left me exhausted, anxious that I was not in control and wondering what surprises lay around the bend.

The heavy periods, touch-me-not breasts, massive bloating, ER-worthy breathless episodes and the loud, pounding palpitations just had to stop. I was desperate to be back in the driver’s seat and had pinned my hopes on this doctor.

Doctor after doctor had played the same refrain that this was just something women have to live with as their hormones change. But I believed it had to be different.

At 130pm, my time finally came, and I opened my ‘Captain’s log’ to relay the patterns I had tracked, my findings and theories. With a very gentle, almost amused, yet empathetic smile, she said that all-too-well-rehearsed line again, ‘It was just something we women have to live with’.

It was only for a brief moment I felt I was going to cry from absolute frustration, but the warrior in me broke free and I decided at that moment, NEVER AGAIN!!

I collected myself… and my years of research… and never looked back.

I began to study even further, researched holistic, gentler healing modalities, and paid even more attention to my body and its needs. The struggles were real, and yes, many women have them worse, but I believed we could harness the power of our changing hormones as we emerged into the wisdom of the Crone.

Today I meet my body where it is, listening deeply and gently supporting it as it rides each new wave… cause there’s one thing the gynaes got right – – Shit happens 🙂

But… You can stay in control when you know how.

So this is what I've learnt and am on a mission to teach 100,000 of you:



Nurture your adrenal glands that produce the stress hormone cortisol. As we move towards menopause, the responsibility of estrogen production is placed on the adrenals, making it even more vital you reduce your exposure to stress of various kinds – – mental, physical, nutritional, etc



Most of the major hormonal glands correspond with the  chakras — energy centers. 

In Daoist traditions, the internal organs are considered the main energy centers and believed to store different emotions. Working on the kidney, liver, spleen, heart and lung channels through yin, acu points and oils brings about balance on the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.  


Building a deep sense of interoception (what the body is saying) and proprioception (your body in space) helps one truly tune in and listen to sensations, pain, and emotions as messengers.

 Tracking your cycle, making sense of patterns and following the moon also restores your natural rhythm.

I know there are many of you out there who are seeking this balance. Once you have an assessment from your doctor, do inbox or WhatsApp me on 9900704984 and I’ll include you in our all-women’s group where you can learn more to stay in the driver’s seat of your health.

AND in the meantime, blame it on the moon

Feedback & Reviews

“Anna is one of the deepest and most passionate teachers of her craft and wisdom. Her journey of healing through yoga, yin yoga and essential oils is brilliant alongside how she connects it with NLP, psychology and emotions. Anna’s genuine desire to know people and understand them and help with the right balancing potion is almost magical. Anna and her potions have been a part of my life for the past few years and I can’t be more appreciative and grateful. Thank you, Anna!”

Luvena Una Rangel

“She gives her heart and soul when it comes to teaching and makes sure that every person gets more than her share of learning. Learnt a lot about essential oils and how to use them. She has an in depth knowledge of everything she was teaching. It was an awesome session. Thank you Anna!”

Violet Ferrao

“Annaliese has such positive and warm energy. I attended her Yin Yoga session and found it amazing. She is a great teacher and it is obvious that she has a deep understanding and knowledge of yoga. Looking forward to attending more of her sessions!”

Rachel Gojer

You want to work with me if

You've just realised you're slap bang in the middle of perimenopause

I first heard the word perimenopause when I was in my late 30s, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. A well-meaning homeopath told me I was perhaps getting my feet wet but then I chose to brush it aside and muddle through. 

I realise now that many women like me don’t know this is what it’s called and that something can be done about it. My experience of shouting from the rooftops for the past 7 years is proof. 

Now I am not a doctor, but a lay researcher who’ll  help you look for your own possible healing protocol to ease you through this time. 

You're dealing with stress-related issues such as weight gain, hormonal imbalance and sleep issues

In all my research and personal labs, it always comes down to  ‘stress’. And i must reiterate it’s more than the word we bandy about carelessly. Stress, especially the chronic variety, can wreck havoc on one’s body, mind and Spirit. 

My mission is to help you identify  the various stressors that could be manifesting as dis-ease.  

You know you want more natural healing support

I count myself blessed that I have my library of yin go-tos and a cupboard full of healing essential oils I can whip up for a quick fix.  When looking to heal, it’s important to go beneath the surface to the subtler layers of the body.  Often times the result is almost immediate, and at others it’s a journey, but one filled with curiosity and a great traveling companion — you.