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Moving from impulsive spending to self control

Tarika just knew she had to have that pair of skinny jeans! She had lost weight and looked so good in them. She had only intended to try on a new pair to motivate her, but now she found herself swiping her card for three times what she’d ever paid for jeans before. She heard that voice in her head saying, “I’ll handle the credit card bill when it comes! I always have.”
However, the feeling of guilt and fear of accumulated debt walked out of the store with her. She felt the blood drain from her face as she walked away, vowing never to fall into temptation again. Her resolve grew stronger when in the week she saw an alert from her credit card company — proof of her impulsiveness. She decided then that enough was enough and that she would move towards what she truly desired — a home of her own and a cash cushion in the bank.
She’d gone after her wants before! All she had to do was remember how. There’d also been several times in her life when she had been able to exert self control and walk away.


This is where we came in. By working with what problem state Tarika wanted to move away from and anchoring intermediate steps towards what she really desired, we were able to trigger self control when faced with an impulse to give in… be it spending, food or any unwanted behavior.