How downsizing can help you lose weight

I attended a weight loss workshop where the trainer insisted we waste half of what we served ourselves at lunch. I couldn’t bear the thought of food going waste so I found a way to bend the rules a bit and served myself half of what I’d otherwise put on my plate.

His reasoning was to have us examine our beliefs about food and their effect on our waistline:) It got me thinking real hard about the times I’d wipe my plate clean or finish up what Jonathan my son would leave on his plate, because, yes, you’ve heard it too, “There are millions starving!” What’s worse, often we end up eating that extra slice of cake or mithai because it was “made specially for you.”

My first success towards correcting how much I ate came from building an NLP anchor where I’d see the word ‘ENOUGH’ appear on my plate when I was full, and I’d push my plate aside — away.

However, I still wanted to avoid wasting food, so I now imagine how small my stomach is and how much I can accommodate in one sitting. This has resulted in the much touted smaller and more frequent meals. I cannot tell you just how fantastic this is … my digestion has improved as has my metabolism. I’m lighter and rarely have stomach cramps — something I lived with for a long time.

But what I really want to share with you is an idea I got from when eating out with Rahul. Mark out what you know you will eat and put aside the rest for a doggie bag. Once you leave the restaurant, look for a beggar you can give the food to.

No more waste — just waist!

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