Exploring metaphors of entrepreneurship

How do you see your business? Is it like your baby, needing to be protected and cared for, or like a building, standing on a strong foundation — rock solid? Maybe you see it as a tree, rooted and bearing much fruit or like a sport, the thrill of beating the competition foremost in your mind.

If your business is your baby, what role do you play in relation to it? If yours is a building, are you the builder, the caretaker, or the architect?
Where do most of your investments go in relation to your business?
Clients book consultations with us to help them reorganize themselves in relation to their business metaphor to help them steer their ship in the right direction, get their rocket off the ground, grow their land…. You get the picture:)
Case study:
A client saw her business as her baby, something she felt she couldn’t trust anyone with. As a result, she was tied down to caring for it 24/7 all by herself. By exploring her metaphor and uncovering what she really wanted for the business she was able to take a step back and see the choices left for her, helping her move in the right direction.
All in all, a very powerful tool to getting out of a rut or to stop running round in circles. Even better to help you plug the hole if you feel your efforts are going down the drain.