A leadership intervention using yogic & mind sciences

Buddha in the boardroom is a half or one day program for leaders. 
I use a combination of yogic sciences, metaphoric exploration and breath work. It has enabled leaders to be their highest self at work and in their personal lives.  

What it is not

1. A fix-it-all in one-day program 
2. A leadership-theory session 
3. Leadership conclave ‘fille

What it is

1. A deep, personal exploration
2. Changing limiting beliefs 
3. Closed-eye processes and body work 

Chakras of Leadership

A process of self enquiry and group learning where leaders explore where they are in relation to their energy centers – – the chakras

Through interactive introspection they discover areas of excess, depletion or congestion that’s standing in their way of being their best. 

The stories of Leadership

 A very interactive and creative way to explore one’s Johari window… a potent self-enquiry tool for leaders to understand how open or closed they might be. 

Using a personal story journal based on well-loved fables, each 

The metaphor of a journey 

 Exploring the path that a leader has been on through the  power of story. 

A mix of personal introspection and group learning,
 trace their journey so far, how far they’ve come, the terrain, hurdles, twists and turns along the way and how clearly the path unfolds.