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A different perspective on conflict

Never has the phrase ‘step into another’s shoes’ been more practically applied. This powerful NLP exercise of looking at a situation from different perspectives enables you to gain insights into the other person’s behaviour, needs and positive intentions. This tool has multiple applications: conflict resolution, customer service, marketing/new product launches, presentations/meetings and putting forward a new …

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All in a day’s work

Heena came to me with a high degree of work stress. The client cannot understand the limitations her team has and her manager doesn’t seem to have enough bite to set client expectations right. She was saved by the bell recently as she had dialed the client to give her a piece of her mind, but her call went to voice …

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Life beyond asana

When I took up yoga, it was purely to fix my digestive issues. I was fortunate to have found a beautifully grounded teacher who led us through a classical hatha practice every day, minus the smoke and mirrors (read overly creative twists and repackaged forms). My love for purity was reinforced at both my teachers’ …

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The ego canvas

Oh what a tangled web we weave, made up of thoughts and actions of the ego. What if instead it were a tapestry, a feast for the senses, a representation of our soul? What if the wefts were the very fibre of your being, holding the fabric of your life’s purpose together? What if the …

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