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Aromatherapy & Yin

- 65 hours Yin Yoga Therapy™ Certificate

Maldives & Goa

With my many years of essential oil expertise & further qualifications in Yin yoga with Alexandra Denkinger, M.D.(Acu),  it seemed only natural that I share how I combine these two beautiful modalities when I teach a Yin class. 

These insights go beyond using oils just to set mood or at the end in savasana: when it comes to yin yoga, it’s important to understand how essential oils work not just on the physical and mental, but
also the energetic and spiritual body — how they affect the movement of Qi.  


This AromaYin course will lay the foundations of yin yoga: the principles of the practice, the 25+ yin poses and functioanl alignment and variations for different bodies, the concept of Balance, Yin & Yang and Qi, the theory of Daoist Elements, Meridians and Dan Tien healing breath and mindfulness.  


You will learn to pick and blend oils safely to work with different Elements and Meridians, as well as extra learning about specific oils for different acu points and application techniques, each enhancing the action of the other. 

This 1-week course seems a short while to get a lot done, but the best learning happens experientially through a daily 90-minute AromaYin immersion practice for each Daoist Element and Meridian and a deep post-class dive into each learning with sequencing guidelines. 


Interactive yin workshops and group work with blending and creative class themes will lend itself to discovery learning and hands-on practice to enhance student experience. 



Creative ways of learning

Upcoming programs


12–19 November 2023, Maldives

1299-1599 Euros 

21-28 January 2024, at Nalanda, Goa 

 1149-1579 Euros   

3–10 March 2024, at Nalanda, Goa 

 1149-1579 Euros

21-28 April 2023, Maldives

1299-1599 Euros

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65 hours Yin Yoga Therapy™ Certificate

Accreditation as module block of 300-hrs Yoga Alliance Certification & 700-hrs YIN YOGA THERAPY™ or alternatively can count as Yoga Alliance continuing education credits (YACEP)

Additionally, students will receive a 65-hrs Yin Yoga Therapy™ Practitioner diploma, accredited by Alexandra Denkinger, Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture M.D.(Acu) and founder of The Body-Mind-Soul Centre Yoga Alliance School, affiliated with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine as a module of the 700 hour Yin Yoga Therapy Professional education